English homework


Friedl was a talanted artist. She studied different forms of art. She taught children such subjects which would help them to overcome difficulties, and she did it for free. She wasn’t just a teacher, but a bringer of hope. She gave her time, kindness and talent to the children of Terezin Concentration Camp,   and for thatshe ought never be forgotten.

Friedl’s kindness came directly from her heart. She didn’t teach for the recognition-she taught because she knew that the children needed her help. She showed that even in the darkest of situations the kindness and goodness inside us can find a way to shine.

I.Choose the right answer


a)      A volunteer worker

b)      A teacher who taught children for free

c)       A rich woman

2.Where did she help the children?

a)      In a camp

b)      At school

c)       At hospital

3.Why shouldn’t she be forgotten?

a)      She was nice and intelligent

b)      She founded the Terezin Concentration Camp

c)       She taught children for free.

4.What does recognition in the text mean?

a)      To be remembered

b)      To be awarded

c)       To be given money


a)      She (studid)   different forms of art(past simple)

b)      All the teachers (teach) their pupils to become good specialists.(past simple)

c)       When you (does something for free you ought to be praised(present continuous)

d)      At first their parent (be)were against.(past)

e)      What  are…reading…you (read)?(present continuous)

III. choose one of the given words

much many  a lot of  beautiful  smart  easy  dangerous

a)      She was …beautiful…. girl in our class.

b)      She could find some light even in …smart…… situations.

c)       You can always find…a lot of.. interesting books in the library.

d)      Jane was …smart…. than her sister.

e)      They have much……… money, but they are not happy.

f)       This year the test is …… than it was last year.

g)      She has …… friends in that school and doesn’t want to change the school.








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