English- Traditional dolmadolma

Dolma is one of the most delicious and popular Armenian traditional dishes and includes the cooking techniques of the Armenian people.  The first Armenian national dolma was made in Sardarapat about 3,000 years ago. Primarily it was made with grape leaves and was called “udul” from Urartian word udul which means leaf of grape. Armenian women usually spend a long time on making dolma. On July 10th Armenians will be exhibiting  60 types of dolma in Sardarapat, which was the scene of a 1918 battle that stopped the Turkish onslaught and led to the establishment of the first democratic Armenian republic. The objective of organizing such festival is to introduce to wider mass the Armenian traditional cuisine and particularly dolma as a truly Armenian dish. Apart from the traditional dolma that is made of grape or cabbage leaves and vegetables, one can also find different dolma with crow fish, fish chicken, as well as sweet dolma. Make sure to taste amazing Armenian Dolma. Armenian name Dolma is associated with Doli (in Armenian a grape leave). Doli – as a grape leave was recorded in the inscriptions of Van Kingdom (Urartian). Initially, before the Seljuk Turks ever tasted Dolma the dish was called Dolimis – “meat in grape leaf”. Over time , as often it happens with the Into – European (IE) endings , and in particular in Armenian language , which saves on vowel sounds , Dolimis turned into Dolim, followed by Dolima , and finally Dolma . Tolma was fundamental part of the memories of Armenian immigrants revealed in back issues to mount Ararat. For them the grapes are one of the symbols of Armenian culture with apricot and pomegranate and after the flood Noah was a first husbandman planted the vineyards in the mountains close to Mount Ararat.

dolma, stuffed grape leaves, turkish and greek cuisine

armenian cusine

Armenian traditional dolma


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